Mike Bettiol carries on a family tradition of building homes in the Hamilton, Ontario area. Mike’s grandfather (Opa) was a building inspector in Holland in the 1940’s and immigrated to Canada in 1952. Mike’s father was born in Italy and immigrated to Canada in 1952 where he also became entrenched in the home building industry. Mike’s Opa taught him how to read building plans, trim a home, build cabinets and how to landscape property. Mike’s father taught him how to frame a home, install shingles, lay blocks for a foundation, electrical, plumbing and insulation.

In 1988, after working for over 10 years with the family business, Mike decided to venture out on his own and start building new homes. Since this time, Mike has built over 400 homes on his own. These homes vary from subdivision homes to wheelchair accessible homes and then finally to country custom homes. in 1994, Mike also decided to obtain his real estate license so he could cover all aspects of the new home building process, and to also aid his clients in the sale of their current homes.

In 1996, Mike teamed up with a boyhood friend who was in the business of creating products for people with disabilities. He took advantage of every product available in this field and incorporated these items into a state of the art model home for a person with a catastrophic injury. After doing this, Mike attracted the attention of various organizations and insurance companies who had been looking for someone like him to fill this need, in the home building industry, for people who have a specific disability. Mike soon learned that no two homes would ever be the same when trying to meet each persons needs and their disability. Since 1996, Mike has built over 50 homes for clients with disabilities.

Mike also turned to experts in the field of disability, such as Occupational Therapists (OT’s) and Physical Therapists (PT’s), who worked with individuals with disabilities everyday, in trying to solve the barriers that these people faced on a daily basis. This further deepened Mike’s knowledge of accessible housing.

Together, with his years of family home building and dealing with clients with disabilities, and their OT’s and PT’s, Mike has become an expert in both standard custom homes and accessible barrier-free homes.

Want to know more? Contact Mike: mikeb@marimanhomes.com